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nubar A conversation with Nubar Alexanian about his book Nonfiction: Photographs from the film sets of Errol Morris

cali Talking About California Video

revolution Movies and the French Revolution

rescue Role of Imports in the Emergence of the Last-Minute Rescue

nasa Georges Méliès Nasa letter, Correspondence Between David Levy And The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) On Georges Méliès' Le Voyage Dans La Lune.
monty Notes for an essay on the film career of Monty Banks

dw&tv The Box in the Screen, D.W. Griffith and television

tourism Sentimental Journeys of the Big-Eyed SightSeer: Tourism and The Early Cinema

les sorties Les Sorties

Muybridge Muybridge and the Movies

Edison Conquers Mars Edison Conquers Mars

career My career in early film history begins ...

Art, Gangsters & Money Art, Gangsters & Money

Movies & the Working Class Movies & the Working Class

lascaux Lascaux & Cinema

Invisible Photographs Invisible Photographs

time machine The Photographic Time Machine

Picnolepsy Picnolepsy

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